Pricing models

Options for ultimate flexibility

Pricing models options for ultimate flexibility

Apps N Stuff understands that not all company’s requirements are the same nor are all projects. To cater the varied requirements of our diverse clientele, we offer various pricing models to choose from.

  • Hire Dedicated Resources
    Have you got periodic influx of project that require dedicated IT talent to provide their professional services? Then it will be best to opt for our dedicated resources. You need not spend on costly HR overheads for sourcing, interviewing, selecting and on-boarding IT talent.

    You can get readily available exceptional IT competencies that can start delivering from day one of your collaboration with us at Apps N Stuff. With total control, full transparency, and amazing cost effectiveness, you need not build an in-house team and incur cost overheads, when Apps N Stuff’s dedicated resources are up for hire.

  • Fixed project cost
    Landed a prestigious project that can catapult your company overnight? Or want to test the mettle of Apps N Stuff’s technology talent? Then it will be a smart move to go for ‘Fixed Cost’ pricing model. One of the most popular models in the business today, ‘Fixed Cost’ lets you to get a win-win deal.

    Simply because you are clear on the project scope and requirement, we at Apps N Stuff can get the maximum value for your dollar with clarity in the development process. Simply scope out the work and duration and get ready to be amazed with the muscle your team gets with our fixed cost resources.

  • Time and Material billing
    Working with a level of uncertainty on the scope or timing on your project? How about paying for only what you get? This is what you avail of with the time and material pricing model on offer at Apps N Stuff. All the scope changes and requirement updates can be easily taken care of by our developers when you get the freedom from fixed rates.

    Since the scope of work and turn around is not determined before- hand you get amazing flexibility in utilizing our resources as per your needs. Get max out of your task based activities with this pricing model and stop worrying about changing scope affecting the bottom lines of your development project.

Not sure which pricing model would suit your project best? No problem.

Contact us today and our experts will help finalize the right pricing model for you.

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