We're good at keeping secrets

Confidentiality we're good at keeping secrets

We believe in maintaining complete privacy when it comes to our clients. At Apps N Stuff, we take industry endorsed and strict steps to offer a safe development environment that respects client confidentiality at all times. We strongly believe that secured data and confidentiality play a crucial role in maintaining long term working relationships with our esteemed clients. To maintain this, we keep all our client’s identity and their IP confidential throughout complete course of the project. As a reliable solutions provider, we take following steps to ensure 100% secrecy for our clients

  • Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) by our Employees and Potential clients;

  • Project data stored on a secured server;

  • Training our staff about IP rights and internet security.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs) with Employees

We take security seriously and all our employees sign a Non-disclosure Agreement when they commence working with us. According to this agreement, employees can not reveal any information directly or indirectly which belongs to other group, team, and company and is not concerned directly or indirectly with the project.

Project / Data Confidentiality

Employees can not publish, print, copy, summarize or remove this information from the company records. Employees can neither engage in additional business during their employment nor practice unethical means or competitive practice upon being terminated from the current job role. Confidential information about client projects from third parties or the clients themselves is never shared or used by the employees.

Data/Network Security

At Apps N Stuff, data and network security is given emphasis and it is maintained at each and every step of the product development. To ensure complete secrecy and protection of our client data, we practice below given measures

  • We have firewall enabled servers that restrict or block access to unwanted users inside our development center. Access through firewall is only given to employees working on company projects.

  • We apply regular security patches as and when required from our software vendors to ensure secure data usage 365 days a year.

  • Every activity inside our data systems is monitored and detailed log files are maintained to track the changes done by employees working on those files.

  • We completely discourage copying and publishing of data from our servers onto the local computers. To do this, we have disabled CD and floppy disk drives /writers on our physical computers. The access to personal emails is also blocked on all of our computer systems. To use these drives, special written permission from the respective manager is required.

  • Regular audits are performed to secure and maintain the condition of developer’s computer systems. Thus ensuring faster working and quality results.

  • Regular backups are taken automatically to ensure that the data is never lost in power outage and server outage etc. The data backup is taken on virtual back up servers and virtual drives.

  • A unique IP is authenticated for the administration tasks for selected applications. This is done to block unwanted people from making changes to server applications.

  • Sensitive data belonging to company itself and our clients is saved in our virtual database in encrypted format. So, no one can use it for unethical purpose.

  • Authentication is required to enter inside the company’s servers. For every new user, separate credential are provided. This prevents entry of unwanted outsiders into our data system.

  • Periodic virus scanning is performed by data security personnel to eradicate unwanted viruses and discourage malicious programs from entering within the data systems.

  • All software are regularly updated on our data systems so that work could be performed within quality time frame and it remains up to date from the technical point of view.

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